COVID-19 Report

Consumer Trends Report

We are well into the pandemic, and the economy is like nothing we’ve seen before. Our Consumer Trends Reports cover some of the most significant changes in consumer income and spend. Combining both survey & transaction data, we answer the questions of why and where consumers are spending. Find comprehensive insights on how COVID-19 has impacted income and consumer spending in our consumer trends reports.


Our data set:

Our access to qualitative and quantitative data sets us apart and allows us to dig deeper.
Ability to target specific audiences based on spend and demographics through Drop's direct relationships with consumers that supply our data.
Drop represents a dynamic, growing panel of consumer-permissioned, anonymized transaction data in the US and Canada.

Stats from our data panel:


Gen Z and Millennial


College education


Average income


Average monthly transaction volume

2.4 yr

Average look back window


Total transaction volume
From time to time, we generate free reports and other forms of content for the public. The data within these insights and reports are always normalized against any material skews in our panel demographics.
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