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Holiday Spend tracker

As the holiday season, and blockbuster shopping events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday draw near, we'd like to better understand spend for this upcoming holiday season. As the transactions come in, we are analyzing popular brands and categories to provide insight into how individuals are spending this season. Find insight into which brands and gifting categories are popular as well as insight into Buy Now, Pay Later platforms this season.

2021 Holiday Spend Trend Update

November 26th, 2021

1. Indexed Spend at Sephora has increased +128.4% MoM, fuelled by their semi-annual VIB sale. Sephora's executions in 2021 have outperformed the same peaks in 2020, leading the beauty giant to a healthy +8.5% YoY growth
2. The rest of the category has been less fortunate than Sephora this year (-5.3% YoY) and in the lead-up to the holidays. Fortunately, momentum is positive and consumers are spending more on beauty in the last 4 weeks than they did in the 4 weeks before

2021 Holiday Spend Trend Update

November 1st, 2021

1. Arts & Craft spend has decreased 31.2% YTD vs. YA and the category is trending downwards (-16.1% compared to last month) while holiday shopping ramps up
2. DIY giants like Michael’s up-ticked during last Holiday season but the opposite is true this year -> L4W spend is 27.9% less than the 4 weeks prior - people have more things to do and less time

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